How to Steam Clean your Carpet?

how to steam clean your carpet

Steam cleaning your carpet can do wonders on its overall appearance. Steam cleaning also eliminates stains completely, sanitizes and leaves your carpet neat and safe to step on. However, how you steam clean matters. Using the right cleaning solution, the right steam cleaner and using the right techniques is what brings a difference in the appearance of your carpet. The following guide explores the tools you need and the step by step guide to efficient steam cleaning.


  • Steam cleaner
  • Cleaning solution
  • Carpet shampoo
  • Water
  • Debris collecting spatula

Step-by-Step Guide

how to steam clean your carpet

  1. Step One: Remove furniture and other items from the house

    Choose some quality time to clean your carpet. Preferably, consider steam cleaning on a sunny day or when it is not too humid as to affect your cleaning. Remove the furniture and all other pieces in there that may interfere with the cleaning process. Dust the baseboards and counters to prevent dust from bouncing onto the carpet as you clean them.

  2. Step two: Collect Debris and Vacuum clean

    Collect any visible debris that can easily be eliminated with the help of a spatula. After that, vacuum clean to further eliminate dust and stains that can be eliminated through vacuum cleaning. This will make your work very easy because you will simply pass the steam cleaner over the surfaces fast and do a great job.

  3. Step Three: Pretreat the Carpet

    This is a fairly debatable process if you have already vacuum cleaned the house. But when dealing with grease and really hard stuck gum, simply pretreat the area with your ideal cleaning solution. Depending on your carpet needs, use the right amount of cleaning solutions. Add water to the steam cleaner and prepare to steam clean.

  4. Step Four: Steam Clean

    Steam cleaning is a process. Choose your cleaning starting point wisely so that you don’t walk on it again. Clean as much as you can with the tricks and techniques you know. For example, pay more attention to high traffic areas. Run the machine slowly in such areas, removing the stains and grease slowly. Move faster in softer, cleaner areas but make sure that you have steam cleaned all the cleaning solutions prior applied. If possible rinse out the carpet with clean water to ensure that chemical solutions are effectively removed from your carpet. If left untouched, chemical solutions will basically appear like dirty surfaces at the end of your job, making it appear like you did a shoddy job.

  5. Step Five: Dry out the Carpet

    If it sunny, open the windows and allow sun rays to help dry the carpet. If your steam cleaner has a powerful suction power, use it to ensure you leave your carpet dry. Leaving your carpet wet will attract mold and odors you wouldn’t want in your house.

Steam Cleaning Tips for Special Carpets

Although steam cleaning is easy and uncomplicated, you have to know several things to do it right. For example, you have to test a new cleaning solution before using it for the whole carpet. No matter how well rated the solution might be, it could be a nightmare for your carpet

  • Push the steam cleaner faster to lay water faster on the carpet but pull it back slowly to extract dirt more efficiently. Laying water slowly will lead to water wastage and a lot of time taken to extract it back.
  • When cleaning specific regions within the carpet, clean outward going inward. Do it in a circular motion to help prevent spreading the stain.
  • Steam Clean high traffic areas twice. Most people consider steam cleaning a two-step process. The first process is for laying in water and solutions while the second is for rinsing out water and sanitizing the carpet. The two-step process is more effective because it does not stop at rinsing water out. It ends with sanitization, at which point you can see that your carpet is all clean and beautiful.
  • Slide in pieces of aluminum foil under the legs of heavy furniture. This is meant to prevent water absorption by carpet-which can cause molds to develop in the long run.

Finally, learn how to keep the carpet clean. You can’t steam clean every day but you can keep your carpet all-looking fresh and attractive every day with good care.

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