Pressure Washer Buying Guide (How to Choose the Best?)

pressure washer buying guide

When it comes to outdoor cleaning, nothing can beat a quality pressure washer. With the ability to increase water pressure 10 times higher than a normal hose; reduce water usage and clean efficiently, a pressure washer is the solution to all your cleaning needs. However, it takes good research to know which model, size and type of pressure washer will work well for you.

Some pressure washers for example will clean oil and grease effectively but they will have issues cleaning in between tiles and at the corners. Some emit too much smoke but they are real dirt demolishing machines. For the above reasons, the following guide is meant to help you choose the best pressure washer. For a more complete guide on how to choose the best pressure washer for your needs, you can also consult the Top Pressure Washers site.

pressure washer buying guide

Gas versus Electric Powered Pressure Washer

Gas Pressure Washers

It is either you are planning to buy a gas powered or an electric powered gas pressure washer. Gas powered pressure washers are pretty much very common in the market because they have been around long before their electric powered counterparts were invented. Gas pressure washers are also very common among professionals because of their high power advantages. A good gas pressure washer will cruise through gum and grease without chemical solutions and still make the surface spot clean. They will handle a wide variety of areas because they are not limited by cords.

On the downside, gas pressures are really noisy. They are heavy, messy and require regular care like winterizing. The fact that they also emit fumes makes them less appealing to work with.

Electric Powered Gas Pressures

With people adopting environmental friendly technology, electric powered pressure washers are slowly gaining popularity among DIY users. They are cheap and efficient for the small jobs you need done at home. They light, easy to carry and very convenient. A good electric pressure washer will be quiet, easy to maintain and have no emissions.

However, keep in mind that most of these pressure washers are designed to handle light duty and medium duty jobs.

Pressure Washer Features to Consider


While electric pressure washers are considered less powerful pressure washers, below are specific pressure washer power details that will make you know whether they deserve a chance.

  • Power in a pressure washer is measured in terms of “Pounds per Square Inch.” The higher the PSI number, the more pressure the washer can deliver. However, the power is better understood when put into comparison with the pressure washer’s Gallons per minute flow rate. The GPM is the amount of water jetted out per minute. A powerful pressure washer will have both a high GPM and PSI.
  • A quality light duty pressure washer will have PSI of 1300-1800 and 1.5 GPM. A medium pressure washer ranges at 2000-3000 PSI and 2.5 GPM. A professional pressure washer on the other hand has 3000+PSI with a GPM of above 2.5.

Spray Nozzles

It is one thing to have a powerful pressure washer, it is another thing altogether to have a pressure washer that handles the exact cleaning needs you have. Pressure washers clean different surfaces because of the nozzles fitted at the forefront of their hoses. A quality modern pressure washer will have replaceable or adjustable spray nozzles to make it versatile. The following four are the main types of nozzles you should check in an ideal pressure washer:

  • 400 Nozzle. It is the low pressure nozzle you can use when cleaning soft areas with low dirt.
  • 250 Nozzle. Helps you clean general surfaces, at a moderate pressure rate.
  • 150 nozzle. Works well for heavy duty high traffic areas. It also helps reach high fences and clean dirt in between cracks.
  • 00 Nozzle. It is the most powerful nozzle. It jets out water at an extremely high pressure to help clean hard to reach areas and the most affected places.


Look for a pressure washer that offers you the most convenience while you clean. Consider the weight, size and presence of features that will reduce fatigue. Settle for a light pressure washer or one with a wheel kit and an ergonomic handle to keep you comfortable as you do your job. Also, pay attention for accessories and high-tech features that could improve your experience working with the particular pressure washer.

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