How to Choose the Best Massage Chair

Having a massage chair at home can be quite handy. Especially, when your body is achy and sore after work, you have chronic pain or you’re healing from an injury. A trip to a massage therapist would cost a fortune. But with a massage chair at home, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the massage at any time you want.

So if you’re on the market searching for the best massage chair, you’ve come to the right place. This buying guide will help you find the model that would best suit your needs.

massage chair buying guide

Consider the size

Before purchasing a massage chair, decide you would like to place. Most chairs are quite bulky, so you’ll need to find ample space for it. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to leave some space between the chair and the wall so it would be able to fully recline.

Who will be using the massage chair?

The answer to this question is important for making sure that the chair would fit your body weight and size. If the users will be of average height and weight, you don’t need to worry, as almost any massage chair will fit you. Usually, in the specifications, you can find the information what is the maximum height the chair can accommodate.

Not every massage chair would also be perfect for a short person, because the massage rollers would be hitting the wrong spots. In this situation, consider getting a massage chair that is designed with body scan technology.

Consider the available features

Think of the purpose that you’re getting the massage chair for. For example, if you have foot pain, make sure that the chair has foot rollers. If you’re experiencing too much pressure on the spine, you might find the Zero Gravity feature important. Or if you have chronic back pain, review the available back massage features.

What type of massage do you prefer?

Massage chairs offer a variety of massage techniques. You might have a preference for one or the other. The following are some of the most common ones:

  • Shiatsu. This techniques comes from traditional eastern medicine. It involves applying finger pressure to the same points as used in acupuncture.
  • Kneading. Works by lifting and stretching muscles. It brings relief to soreness and tension, and at the same time improves circulation.
  • Swedish. This is a collection of techniques that includes deep pressure with gentle rubbing. The massage helps to relax the muscles.
  • Rolling. Usually applied only to the back of the massage chair. The gliding rollers apply pressure, which helps to loosen the muscles.
  • Percussion. The technique refers to rapid tapping strokes. It stimulates circulation and releases tension.

Set your budget

Purchasing a certain massage chair, of course, also depends on how much money you’re ready to spend. There’re models available in a wide price range. From around $500 to as high as $15,000. Keep in mind that the cheaper models will have the most basic features. For around $2000 you can find a good quality chair with a good set of features and high quality.

Choose the brand

There are many different manufacturers on the market. It’s easy to get lost in all that variety. To make sure that you buy the best quality chair, consider well-known brands that are associated with good quality, reliability and many satisfied customers. Check around for reviews to see what people about the brand.

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