Carpet Maintenance and Cleaning Advice

carpet maintenance

Every time you step on your dirt ridden carpet; you grind sharp dust mites onto one another, forcing them to tear the fibers that make up your carpet one step at a time. If your carpet is still new, dirt and dust will rob it off its beauty-making the once beautiful carpet dull and ugly. Fortunately, you can protect your carpet by following these maintenance tips.

Cleaning Advice

carpet cleaning advice

Vacuum Often and Correctly

Vacuuming is the one thing everyone knows need to be done to keep a carpet in the right condition. Don’t ignore it. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner and make it a habit to clean your carpet regularly. Learn a few vacuum cleaning tricks to ensure that you adequately clean out dirt from high traffic areas with great efficiency. Vacuum slowly where there is grease and stuck stains and increase your vacuuming speed in low traffic areas.

Use Mats

Invest in coarse-textured mats for use outside your doors. They will help keep soil and debris away from your carpet; easing your carpet cleaning work. To ensure you prevent as much dirt from getting onto your carpets, avoid getting into the house in shoes. Keep pets away from your house if possible. Pets are especially notorious at are dragging dirt back to your carpets.

Invest in a Steam Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner alone is not good enough to help keep your synthetic carpets clean. This is because vacuum cleaners only tend to eliminate the dirt on the surfaces, leaving the stains stuck inside the fibers intact. A steam cleaner on the other hand offers a cheaper and more efficient solution for maintaining your carpet. With a good detergent tank, the cleaner treats your dirty carpet and uses steam to clean out any dirt or dust wearing your carpet out.

Consider Professional Cleaning

While buying a steam cleaner and doing the job seems like the most cost-effective option, it may not e the best decision for your carpet. How well you clean depends a lot on the type of steam cleaner you have. Unfortunately, different types of carpets respond differently to steam cleaning. Some require cleaners with special attachments, while others will need to be handled with special chemicals. Cleaning a carpet efficiently is therefore a complicated process. It asks for a professional with the right steam cleaner and the right skills to do it well. Call a professional cleaner at least twice in a year therefore, and have them handle your carpet in the most efficient way.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

carpet maintenance

  • Treat dirty and stain affected areas immediately. With liquid stains especially, treat the area immediately before they get absorbed by carpet fibers. Cleaning dirt immediately tends to make the carpet stay new and beautiful for longer.
  • Remove solid stains physically with a spoon and then vacuum clean the area for complete cleaning.
  • Use approved carpet treatment solutions only. Use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solutions if possible. Alternatively, research to find out what solutions work well with your specific type of carpet. Again, follow carpet treatment procedures whenever possible.
  • Use the right vacuum cleaner for the job always. Cut pile carpets, for example, require an upright cleaner.
  • Always pretreat high traffic areas. If you use a steam cleaner, pretreat high traffic areas to make it easier to remove hard stuck dirt and grease. Pretreating also saves your energy as you don’t have to dwell on the same area for long.
  • Avoid dragging furniture around. Besides cleaning, maintain your carpet by avoiding damages caused by furniture dragging. Always lift the chairs when you want to move them around. If too heavy, install Aluminum foil squares underneath the legs of chairs and tables. This will also help prevent the transfer of metal stains and finishes from dampening your carpet.
  • Never over wet a carpet. Never overestimate the power of your steam cleaner’s suction power. Most low budget steam cleaners are weak in suctioning steam, which will often leave your carpet wet. This in turn exposes the carpet to molds and bacteria that could affect it in the long run.

It is impossible to live inside a house and never dirty the carpet. However, always acting quickly on stains and dirt can help you ensure that your carpet maintains its beautiful looks for a very long time.

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