Carpet Cleaning Methods

carpet dry cleaning

Wondering what carpet cleaning method you should use on your carpet? Here is a guide to help you out. Carpet cleaning is basically divided into two: Dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Each of these methods has its own pros and cons-and areas where it is best applicable. Below we look into these details to help you understand when and where you should use a particular carpet cleaning method.

Wet Cleaning:

carpet steam cleaning

  1. Steam Cleaning

    Often associated with steam cleaning, wet cleaning is any method where water/steam is used in the cleaning process. Usually, the carpet is first treated with a cleaning solution before the carpet is cleaned using a steam cleaner. Note that the water has to be heated to produce steam. It is also pressurized to enable it get absorbed into the carpets before it can then be extracted.


    • Efficient for removing hard stuck stains and grease off the carpet.
    • Cheap and recommended by carpet manufacturers.
    • Involves the extraction of cleaning solutions to leave the carpet sparkling clean.
    • Uses less water than a normal mop or brush.
    • Steam cleaners are cheap and easy to maintain.


    • Weak steam cleaners have long drying time and tend to leave your carpet wet. However, stronger steam mops have high suctioning power to extract all the water from your carpet.
  2. Bonnet

    Cleaning carpets with a solution absorbent pad was a common method before the advent of steam cleaners. It is still popular in some homes-often used as a backup carpet cleaning method. Basically, the method involves first vacuuming the carpet or eliminating any visible dirt. A solution is then sprayed on the affected regions. The carpet is allowed to absorb the solution before a rotary machine with the absorbent is run over to do the cleaning.


    • Cheap and easy to use.
    • Efficient at eliminating lightly dirty carpets


    • Inefficient at removing hard stuck stains
    • Leaves a lot of dirt and debris inside the carpet fibers.

Dry Cleaning

carpet dry cleaningDry cleaning is a newer carpet cleaning technology and another good method for carpet maintenance that is yet to reach the popularity of steam cleaning. It involves the use of biodegradable materials that can absorb dirt and grease from your carpet. To ensure that the materials reach the dirt and stains stuck into the fibers of your carpet-you use a motorized machine with counter-rotating pads on the lower end. Afterwards, you can vacuum clean to remove the biodegradable materials that have already absorbed dirt.

  1. Powder Cleaning

    Instead of using a chemical solution, this method applies a non-liquid cleaning solution to clean carpets. In most cases, this solution is usually powder. The powder is spread all over the affected area once visible debris is collected from the carpet. After a few minutes of letting the carpet absorb the powder, dirt and invisible stains are cleaned using a machine attached with counter-rotating brushes. Afterwards, vacuum cleaning is done for an efficient cleaning job.


    • Easy to do even when you’ve never used the machine before.
    • Has a fast drying rate because of the absence of wet cleaning solutions.


    • Tends to cause dust buildup.
    • Powder often gets trapped in some carpets.
    • Can’t clean hard stuck stains.
  2. Dry Shampoo Cleaning

    The method works almost the same as with powder cleaning. It involves the use of a dry shampoo cleaning agent which is spread across the carpet after you remove visible dirt. You then using a machine attached with counter-rotating brushes to whip it into the carpet. After several minutes, you vacuum clean your carpet for a better, stain-free appearance.


    • Fast and easy to do method.
    • Has a fast dry time due to lack of liquid cleaning solutions.
    • Easily removes top surface dirt and stains.


    • If shampoo is not properly whipped, it can cause excess wetness on the carpet.
    • Does not offer thorough cleaning especially for hard stuck stains and grease

Which Method is better?

Technically, both dry cleaning and wet cleaning are efficient carpet cleaning methods. What differs however is the degree of efficiency. Dry cleaning is inefficient in removing hard stuck stains-which is why it is better off used for routine cleaning. Wet cleaning on the other hand can be tedious, but it is efficient to clean your carpet when it matters the most.

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